Puppy wait list.

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July 3, 2018
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Puppy wait list.

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We are going to be trying something new. We are now offering a puppy waiting  list. This will be for people wanting  a puppy of a specific color, gender, a specific parent or specific time of the year.

Its going to be $25(nonrefundable) to be put on the waiting list we will then call you when we have the puppy  you are looking for.

Form is to be Mailed to: Roger Bullard

205 County Highway 6

Blountsville, AL 35031

To be put on the puppy waiting list we will need you to mail this in with a $25(nonrefundable) check or money order.

Payable to Roger Bullard



Address _________________________________________________________                                    

city, state, zip_____________________________________________________


Phone (h)________________________     (cell)__________________________


Email address _____________________________________________________


Name of parents of litter_____________________________________________


Color of pup_______________________________________________________


Gender of pup______________________________________________________

___limited registration (pet)   ____ full registration 


Time frame we are looking to get a puppy_______________________________