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Birmingham AL

I did a lot of research before selecting a breeder for our new family member.Roger, and his family are awesome people. They made us feel at home, and also gave us very informative information needed to take care of our new puppy when we get home.Buddy is a hit and for him to only be 7 weeks old he's a pretty smart cookie.

Kevin Aadson
Lake Jordan. Alabama

We are so blessed to have found RockSprings Labs. Roger was so helpful and his kennels were so clean. Our chocolate lab Chief is the smartest lab we ever had and we look forward to doing more business in the future with RockSprings

Clay Barclay
Langston, AL

We purchased Jack from Rock Springs Labs at 7mo as a started retriever. Jack was everything Roger told us he was and more. Jack easily transitioned into our home and has steadily improved as a hunting retriever that has no quit. Truly a great experience and would highly recommend Rock Springs Labs. Thanks Roger!!

Jordan Stewart
Huntsville, Alabama

I am so thankful for our experience with Rock Springs Labs! I love that we were able to visit our pup when we wanted to before we took her home. She is very smart and sweet! Thanks again!!

Rebecca Turner
Hoover AL

Addie is a 10 month old chocolate lab. She is so smart, sweet and beautiful! She's a wonderful companion! She learned very quickly to walk beside me in my electric wheelchair and we love going on walks. She did have a reaction to her rabies vaccination which was extremely scary!!
Enjoyed working with Rock Springs labs to get the newest member of our family!

Ken Maus
St. Louis Missouri

Rocks springs is the best place to get a great lab. They know there stuff and they will help you with and questions and there clean and they have the cutest puppies ever. I love my 7 weeks old black lab. He is the best puppy ever. I would never trade him for anything. He is so good with my boys. He fits in are family so well. He is all ready retrieving balls and bringing them back and siting when said siting. We are working on walking on a leach now. He does really well with out a leach. He is the best behaved dog I ever seen. He listens better than my kids do. Lol Thank you rock springs for a great puppy. We Will be back!!!!!!

Adriane Hart
Pisgah alabama

We got our puppy last week on Wednesday. He is a beautiful yellow lab male . The owners was some great people to do business with very welcoming as well. I took Titan for his wellness check up on Friday and he checked out great. He is loving to have. I appreciate the owners and there hospitality. I would recommend you to go to them if you are looking for a new addition to your family. Thanks rockspringslab

Jeff and Joann Bartlett

We picked up our Chocolate Lab puppy yesterday. Working with Roger and Ashley has been a wonderful experience. They have been more than accommodating in every way, from looking at 5 day old puppies thru getting our puppy. It was evident immediately that they see all their dogs as family and not just a business by the way that all puppies and adults interact with them and people that visit. They are great people doing a wonderful job with their dogs. A special shout out to Ashley, when we got our puppy home he was obviously feeling a little displaced at first. Joann started talking to him and playing with him, and he immediately gravitated to her. It was the female voice, so, a special thank you to Ashley. The love and attention you give your dogs couldn't have been more evident than by seeing his face light up at sound of my wife's voice. He's a joy and a wonderful addition to our family. Thank you both so much! 5 stars is not enough! Blessed to have found you and gotten to know you. Will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for labs.

Tara Polsgrove
Huntsville, AL

We are thrilled to have our new little pup from Rock Springs Lab. We got to tour the facilities which were nice and clean and got to meet the parents of our little guy, which was important to us. It is clear that these puppies are well loved in those early weeks. Our little boy was confident, and relaxed throughout pick up and transition to our home. He was given a great start by a great family at Rock Springs Lab, and we can't wait to see what a wonderful dog he becomes.

Tony & Sheila Tucker
Athens, Al

Thank you Thank you Thank you... We are so happy to have found your kennels. Roger and Ashley were so helpful and knowledgeable about the breed. Our little Boomer didn't take long to become comfortable in his new home. Thanks again for everything you are doing to ensure healthy happy puppies.

Steve Knutson
Hoover, AL

Brought home our newest family member (5 month old black) and visited our next one (1 week old chocolate). I couldn't have been happier with the friendly and compassionate feeling of the folks of Rock Springs. All the dogs are well cared for and so far our new puppy Allura has been great! I look forward to a long association with these people.

Pat Gleason
Huntsville, AL

Great people and awesome Labs. Very friendly and helpful with picking the right Lab for our family. Our Black Female that we named Lola has been a great addition to our family.

Todd Jacobs

Wonderful people to buy a puppy from.You can tell they really Love their dogs.THE labs come from great pedigree.Mr.Bullard and his daughter spend all the time with you to answer any questions you may have.I felt at home from the moment we arrived.Our puppy(Duke)never missed a beat as soon as we got home it was like he had been a part of our home all his life.Thank Mr. Bullard.Our experience was exelent 5 stars

Rachael Cunningham
Rachael Cunningham

We got our black lab, Boone, from Roger about a month ago and could not be more pleased. He is exactly what we were looking for in a dog; he is the perfect companion. His temperament is incredible. Roger and Ashley were very helpful in helping us pick out our puppy! We definitely recommend them!

Kathryn Trussell
Meridian Mississippi

We picked up our sweet Mila last night and we couldn’t be more pleased with her! The people at Rock Springs Labs are so helpful and educated on their dogs and send you home with such organized paperwork for the puppy! Thank you guys so much! If you are looking for a great lab puppy this is the place to go! ❤️?

Megan Breese\Bragg Foshee
Birmingham, AL

Rock Springs was amazing to work with! We brought home our sweet Nola today from Jax and Cinnamon’s litter. Highly recommended! Thank you Roger and family, y’all rock!!

Scout Suddeth
Wedowee, Alabama

I got Jeb (black puppy) yesterday, and he is awesome. He’s already fit right in with the family and very loving.

Jai Hamilton
Boaz, Al

Super clean kennels and the owners were super friendly and let us come see our puppy a few times before we brought him home. I would recommend anyone looking for a great lab to go to Rock Springs!

Perry Sims and Caroline Dunne
Birmingham, AL

We got a female black lab puppy. We wanted a dog that would be a great family companion as well as a bird dog. We got just that. Our puppy has a great drive to retrieve and is very sweet and playful. She loves being around our families and other dogs which was another important trait to us. Rock Springs made it easy to come get her when it was convenient for us and did not charge much at all for the extra time she spent with them. We talked with Roger and Ashley and after just a few minutes talking with them, we could see their love for their dogs and passion they have for the lab breed. Rock Springs is a great place to find your new hunting partner or just a great family companion.

Lisa & Clay Burns
Hartselle, Al

There are not enough words to say how great ful I am to the owners for making my son's dream come true. Roger took the time to talk dogs and hunting with my son. All the dogs and puppies were so sweet and gental. The kennels very clean and had freash beding. Rock Springs is the best!


I just got my chocolate cutie like 2 days ago & I’m already in love! Roger was very welcoming and informative about everything. I would definitely recommend them to anyone in search of a lab.

Jared and Hannah Braswell
Birmingham, AL

My husband and I found Rock Springs Labs online, after much research for our first puppy. We visited Rock Springs several times before picking out our girl, and Roger and Ashley were more than welcoming each time. We picked up Leia 1 month ago at 7 weeks, and she has been everything we were hoping for - tons of personality, a lot of drive, and absolutely beautiful! Could not have been more pleased. Make sure to visit Rock Springs Labs for your next puppy!

Callie Smith

We have been so happy with our little chocolate lab we picked up a few months ago. He is so healthy, happy, and smart. Roger and everyone at Rock Springs were fantastic to deal with. They answered all of our questions and were accessible when ever we needed them. I would recommend these breeders to anyone looking for a classic hunting or pet dog.

Allyson Marjory
Panama City, FL

Such sweet amazing people and you can tell in the dogs how sweet today. We are absolutely in love with our new puppy Thank you so much Mr Bullard. It was a pleasure meeting you and your daughter :) We definitely will not be using anywhere else to find our labs. We will definitely recommend to anyone in search of a lab ???

Elizabeth Finsthwait
Atlanta, GA

Such a sweet man, Roger Bullard is. I live in Atlanta, Georgia and this breeder is in Alabama. Roger (I hope I spelled his name correctly) is the man who raises the puppies. He’s also so honest!! He doesn’t take advantage of people, I know this because he did not take advantage of me. And he very easily could have. I gave him my credit card ? information in order to save a Specific dog ? for my chosen trainer, Jen, to choose from his litter, when My puppy is born. Jen, the dog trainer in Georgia, is confident that Roger’s puppies/Rock Springs Labs, will be excellent, you see. So I called him to put a deposit down.

Jen is also aware that, as I have a traumatic brain ? injury. I’m extremely impulsive. I feel desperate for a dog, as my Labradore, Love, of 16 years, is no longer alive on this earth. I’d given him my visa # and Information after talkIng to him only once.

Jen talked to him at one point. She told me he wasn’t going to run my Visa deposit it yet.

Jen, the honest trainer who I’m choosing, and I and maybe Katie, will drive up to Alabama when the puppies are born. Jen tells me she will be there selecting my puppy, using something like 10 different dog assessment tests to choose the exact one that will be just for me and the puppy will be at something like 8 weeks of age when she’ll Know if any of the puppies are right just for me, after we drive to Alabama one day.??????

I am so glad that I have chosen Jen as my trainer and have chosen this?? Rock Springs Labs ??breeder. He really is a sweet man. ?

I believe that Roger is waiting till Jen finds the right dog for me. I can barely wait to get a therapy dog / service dog in from Rock Springs. This man, Rock Springs Labs, also knows his dogs ?well, Jen says. (There is also a man named John who is involved at the Rock Springs Labs breeder. I just talk to Roger because Jen gave me his number.) I believe this breeder is also helping out veterans with the dogs. Be sure and ask Rock Springs Labs all about ?themselves, they know what they are doing. I’m so glad I’m trusting Jen and that I’m trusting Rock Springs. I still miss my 16 year young Black Labrador named Love. I know no other dog will be exactly like her. I believe in this breeder and that he has extra excellent dogs.????????????????

Bowen McGuffin
Auburn, Al

Did my research of a lot of breeders in all the southeast and Rock Springs labs had everything i needed from bloodline all the way to communicating with Mr. Rodger the whole way through the breeding process up to bring our puppy home!!!

Lauren Smith
Birmingham, Alabama

It has been a little over a year since I got my puppy, Henry, from Rock Springs Labs. I can’t recommend Roger and his services enough! Henry has such a fun and energetic spirit, but is also so affectionate and eager to please. At 9 months old he went away to retriever school, and he was above and beyond the other puppies. I was told over and over how his temperament was unique and obviously a sign of his good breeding.
Henry is the perfect companion, but also outstanding in the field. I can’t wait to get Henry’s future brother or sister from RSL!
Highly recommend! You won’t be disappointed!

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