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Kevin Aadson
Lake Jordan. Alabama

We are so blessed to have found RockSprings Labs. Roger was so helpful and his kennels were so clean. Our chocolate lab Chief is the smartest lab we ever had and we look forward to doing more business in the future with RockSprings

Clay Barclay
Langston, AL

We purchased Jack from Rock Springs Labs at 7mo as a started retriever. Jack was everything Roger told us he was and more. Jack easily transitioned into our home and has steadily improved as a hunting retriever that has no quit. Truly a great experience and would highly recommend Rock Springs Labs. Thanks Roger!!

Jordan Stewart
Huntsville, Alabama

I am so thankful for our experience with Rock Springs Labs! I love that we were able to visit our pup when we wanted to before we took her home. She is very smart and sweet! Thanks again!!

Rebecca Turner
Hoover AL

Addie is a 10 month old chocolate lab. She is so smart, sweet and beautiful! She's a wonderful companion! She learned very quickly to walk beside me in my electric wheelchair and we love going on walks. She did have a reaction to her rabies vaccination which was extremely scary!!
Enjoyed working with Rock Springs labs to get the newest member of our family!

Ken Maus
St. Louis Missouri

Rocks springs is the best place to get a great lab. They know there stuff and they will help you with and questions and there clean and they have the cutest puppies ever. I love my 7 weeks old black lab. He is the best puppy ever. I would never trade him for anything. He is so good with my boys. He fits in are family so well. He is all ready retrieving balls and bringing them back and siting when said siting. We are working on walking on a leach now. He does really well with out a leach. He is the best behaved dog I ever seen. He listens better than my kids do. Lol Thank you rock springs for a great puppy. We Will be back!!!!!!

Martha Hershberger
Iva SC

We are so blessed with our sweet Isabella. She is beautiful, energetic and smart. She has brought lots of joy to our family. We enjoyed working with Rock Springs labs and can highly recommend them.

Steve Knutson
Hoover, AL

Brought home our newest family member (5 month old black) and visited our next one (1 week old chocolate). I couldn't have been happier with the friendly and compassionate feeling of the folks of Rock Springs. All the dogs are well cared for and so far our new puppy Allura has been great! I look forward to a long association with these people.