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All "List Placement" puppies must be picked by 4 weeks of age.If you have not chosen your puppy by 4 weeks, you will lose your place of First,Second, Third pick, and so on. We will do our best to call and remind you of the pick deadline to allow you to keep your place.

Pick of the litter is determined by the order in which the deposits are received. You may choose from a specific litter, or be placed on a list for the next available when asking for specific colors or gender. We have multiple litters throughout the year, and this should not be a long wait.

We ask that you choose your puppy by the time they reach 5 weeks old. We notify buyers when your spot in order comes up. You may set up an appointment to select your puppy in person, choose from photos posted online, text, or emailed to you upon request.

All deposits are $200.00 and non-refundable - final payment of $600.00 is due upon pickup, ($800) total payment is only for limited registration on Black and Yellow puppies only. Total price of full registration for Black and Yellow puppies will be $1000,The total price for limited registration on Chocolate puppies will be $1000, and $1200 for full registration.

Puppies are not allowed to leave our facility until they are at least 7 weeks old.

If you need to leave your puppy over 7 weeks, that is fine. We do however, charge a boarding fee of $12 a day. Long term boarding will need to be arranged ahead of time, special rates apply.

All costs related to pickup are that of the Buyer's.

All balances are due at the time of pickup.

Health Guarantee

Puppies will have their first shots and dew claws removed. All puppies come with a health guarantee. We do not knowingly sell a sick puppy. We guarantee that if you bring your puppy back with 3 days of purchase with a written statement from your veterinarian that the puppy has a serious health condition, you will be given a complete refund of the purchase price of the puppy. Injury or accident after the purchase of the puppy will be excluded as reasons for a refund.

In addition to the immediate guarantee, we offer a Written 26 Month Health Guarantee. This pertains to the original purchaser, against any genetic ocular/vision defects, genetic defect pertaining to the elbows or hip dysplasia.

In order to honor this guarantee, and to verify that any hip dysplasia is not the result of overwork, injury, or obesity; we require that we receive copies of all vet statements, pictures, and x-rays in order to obtain a confirming opinion from our vet. We also require confirmation from your vet, stating that the dog had to be euthanized due to severe hip dysplasia. If this is that case, we will replace your puppy at no charge to you. The same is true, if the puppy is returned to us, a replacement will be made at no charge to you.

If hip dysplasia is not severe enough, and you choose to keep your puppy, we will sell you a new puppy at half the cost. We highly recommend a preliminary x-ray be done on your puppy around the age of nine months to pre-determine if there are any problems or potential for problems. This guarantee would be voided if the dog has been bred or used as a stud prior to the appropriate breeding age.

There are a multitude of diseases and sickness that can be acquired by an animal during its lifetime, just as in humans. We cannot guarantee that any of these will not effect your dog. Please do not expect Rock Springs Labs to assume this responsibility. We feel that selling a healthy puppy and offering a guarantee against genetic default related to eye sight/elbows/hip dysplasia, is fair and equitable to both the buyer and seller.

All costs related to pickup are that of the Buyer's.

Terms of Conditions


We do not refund your money on reservations, or final purchase of the dogs. Even if you just decide you don't want the puppy within a few days of purchase.
Please be advised, if you plan on visiting different breeders, you can transmit the Parvo virus to the puppies. Parvo is deadly to puppies & we take every precaution to protect our precious babies.

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