Past Hunting Dogs

Lab Puppies That Love Hunting!

Here are some pictures of our lab puppies having the time of their lives doing what they love to do, hunt!

British Labrador Retrievers are one of the finest and most useful breeds of dogs on the planet. They are blessed with natural good looks but they are also a faithful companion with a calm and easily controlled temperament but when they are in their element they are the finest hunting dog in the world. They are a must for fowl hunters everywhere as they are bred for their strong hunting and scenting abilities, which are superior to other breeds, even American Retrievers. They are strong swimmers which means that they can pursue any fowl that is used for game and they have the ability to lead the hunt for groups as large as ten.

These dogs love spending time outdoors and are great companions for nearly any outdoor activity. British Retrievers are highly intelligent, athletic and vigorous but yet are easy to control. Their playfulness and calmness makes them great around children and they do not typically bite. Our dogs are sweet, loving and easily trained for both work in the field or at home. They are truly a "gentleman’s dog".

We love to see our pups going to good homes and we believe that you will fall in love with your retriever the moment you set eyes on them. Whether you just want a companion for around the house or need a hunting companion a British Labrador Retriever is right for you!

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