Features of a Labrador Retriever

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Features of a Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers are the most popular breed of dogs here in the United States, Canada as well as many western nations and if you have ever been around a British Lab you will understand why that is. They are some of the most beautiful dogs in the world and when you combine that with their intelligence and athleticism it is almost the perfect combination. For anyone who owns a British Lab or is looking to own one what exactly are you getting when that awesome dog comes home with you.

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First, British Labs can be born in the United States, there are just two seperate breeds . A British Lab will not have an English accent when it barks nor will it feel inclined to have afternoon tea or eat bangers and mash, unless you want to. There are small differences between the breeds, mostly stemming from the roles that they play in their human’s life that help to differentiate between the two..

There are a few physical differences between the two breeds. The most noticeable is that British Labs have larger and heavier heads. British Labs also have larger eyes that are farther apart than their American cousins. American Labs have narrower heads with a more distinctive muzzle which streamlines their bodies better.

The body of a British Lab is much more broad and their chests are deeper and fuller. Their necks are much stronger and fit in proportionally with the head and chest. Their hindquarters are strong and powerful with a heavy tail and these otter-like tail taper downward to a point while their American cousins a more whippy tail that points upwards. American Labs are narrower and leaner so they are built for speed and agility and not power and strength like their British counterparts. The two dogs are about the same height as well but American Labs can be an inch or two taller.

British Labs tend to be stockier and have a more chunky appearance. Many people find this attractive and add another description in as well, cuddly. Being stockier British Labs also tend to weigh more. Their fur coats are durable and waterproof, they were bred to be able to withstand the harsh conditions of Newfoundland after all. Even after many years of not having to brave those conditions they still have this lovely coat.

American Labs

American Labs are used more for working and for hunting and are not as suitable as family pets as British Labs are (though they still can be pets). British Labs have a better temperment and are more disciplined. That is not to say that their American cousins are ill-tempered, they are not. Both are friendly and kind but the American Labs have more energy and need to spend more time outdoors and active making them harder to control. British Labs are more playful and do not have the need to be so active making them more controllable and more suitable as a family pet. They do not need the same amount of exercise and because of that they tend to be more relaxed though they can be just as active as a puppy. As British Labs age they become gentle and loving companions.

British Labs come in three colors, black, chocolate or yellow(a variety of shades of yellow from white to Fox Red). Some yellow British Labs tend to be more lighter, almost cream in color as opposed to their American cousins which are a more darker yellow. Some silver Labs are also starting to appear but they are controversial as their color comes from genetic manipulation.

Which is right for you?

Is a British Lab right for you? If you want a strong, athletic, handsome and yet gentle and loving dog then yes it is! If it is then check out Rock Spring Labs to see what we have to offer. We hope that you will love one of these British Labs just as much as we do.




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