We are a lab breeder in Alabama with puppies for sale!

We are: Roger and Judy Bullard; along with our daughters Ashley and Angie and their families, we own and operate Rock Springs Labs.

Our privately owned kennel specializes in the breeding and the sale of AKC Registered British Labrador Retrievers. We are located in North Alabama in the small farming community of Rock Springs and have happy puppies with families all over the country including Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee. Built in 2014, our kennels offer AKC registered British Labrador Retriever puppies. All of our pups are born here and lovingly cared for until they become part of your family. We started our kennel because of our love for the Lab breed; their excellent working qualities, intelligence, loyalty and disposition that make great companions or gun dogs.

Our Lab puppies come from a clean environment, are well socialized, and eager to learn. Many of our sires and dames come from Champion Blood Lines. Many of which have received awards from various Competitions.

We have lab puppies for sale throughout the year. Any litter can produce a variety of colors: black, yellow, chocolate, fox red, or white.

What’s Interesting About Our Dogs

Lab Breeder

The goal of our breeding service is to ensure the positive performance traits the British Labrador is known for. British Labs are highly intelligent and easily trained to the task of retrieving game during hunts, they take to an active life as an adventure companion, exhibit great patience and love for children, and have a desire to please their human, lending to the ability to be trained as therapy or alert dogs.

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Some of the physical traits that we look for in our dogs are short, slick coats, a straight otter tail and a broad chest and head. While these are very important when choosing performance dogs, their mental strengths are what make them a wonderful dog for all sorts of activities. Our dogs are not only working dogs, they are our family members and loved and cared for as such.

British labs are highly intelligent, displaying a calm demeanour, are focused, and are naturally good mannered. They perform well in the field because of their drive and willingness to please.

If you would like more information about our breeding services, please give us a call. We will be happy to answer any of your questions or schedule a time for you to tour our facility and meet our dogs.

Below you will find a photo and pedigree for our Breeding males. For more photos or additional pedigree info, visit Meet Our Dogs.

Meet Our Dogs

British labs are highly intelligent, display a calm demeanor, are focused and are naturally good mannered. They perform well in the field because of their drive and willingness to please.

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